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walk [your city]

On a mission to get more feet on the street

W[YC] is a platform to create your own pedestrian wayfinding signs. In January 2012, Matt Tomasulo of CityFabric and a small group of like-minded folks put up signs at three intersections in Raleigh, North Carolina (called WalkRaleigh) that showed how many minutes by foot it was to walk from place to place. After WalkRaleigh was featured on the BBC, folks from all over the globe started contacting Matt about bringing the project to their own community. Matt launched Walk [Your City] as a way to share his project. Since Walk [Your City] was Kickstarted in May 2012, over a hundred different projects have popped-up around the globe, and continue to do so with the new W[YC] sign-building wizard.

walk [STC]

Improving our city, one step at a time

Downtown St. Catharines is one of the most walkable cities in North America, scoring 98% in walkability according to walkscore.com. There’s a perception in St. Catharines that it’s a long walk from one end of downtown to the other, or from downtown to Montebello Park or to Rodman Hall or to the Merritt Trail. Yet, many of us don't think twice about walking from one end of a shopping mall to the other and back again to our car.

WalkSTC is about more than getting exercise. It's about creating a sense of community as people walk and discover their neighbourhoods. Inspired by guerrilla wayfinding project WalkRaleigh and using the Walk [Your City]™ platform, WalkSTC was developed in partnership with arnoldi:mcpherson, Form & Affect and the City of St. Catharines Downtown Development and Revitalization Committee.

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Tag your Instagram pics of downtown St. Catharines with #WalkSTC and we'll show them here.

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How does it work?

  • Signs have been put up at main intersections.
  • Each points to a destination with the walk time.
  • Each has a scannable QR code and 'route' url that loads a map, directions and a description of where you're going onto your phone or tablet.

Point. Shoot. Walk!

Signs and destinations.

  • Institutional / Civic Landmark
  • Public / Open Space
  • Commercial District
  • Amusement / Other Landmark
  • WalkSTC Route 01
  • WalkSTC Route 02
  • WalkSTC Route 03
  • WalkSTC Route 04
  • WalkSTC Route 05
  • WalkSTC Route 06
  • WalkSTC Route 07
  • WalkSTC Route 08
  • WalkSTC Route 09
  • WalkSTC Route 10
  • WalkSTC Route 11
  • WalkSTC Route 12
  • WalkSTC Route 13
  • WalkSTC Route 14
  • WalkSTC Route 15
  • WalkSTC Route 16
  • WalkSTC Route 17
  • WalkSTC Route 18
  • WalkSTC Route 19
  • WalkSTC Route 20
  • WalkSTC Route 21
  • WalkSTC Route 22
  • WalkSTC Route 23
  • WalkSTC Route 24
  • WalkSTC Route 24

Why walk?

When people walk, they feel more a part of their community. They feel connected to the places where they live, work and play and more aware of the environment.

Walkable communities also help drive the local economy, boosting efforts to revitalize city centres, promote tourism and create jobs in businesses which service active modes like walking and cycling.

When we walk instead of driving short distances we help keep the air and water clean and we do our bodies a big favour too. Just 30 minutes a day cuts the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity.

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